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UK Agents e-mail addresses

UK Agents E-mail Addresses
Andys Tracks has assembled a list of
over 250 (276 at the last count) UK
entertainment agents e-mail addresses
all ready to be used by singers and
acts working in the UK
You can easily just download the list,
copy and paste the email addresses
into your preferred email software 
and get your available dates, publicity
material, audio recordings, video etc.
to the people that have
the venues to work you.
This is an ideal resource to save you
time collecting all the e-mail addresses
yourself which might take you
months or years to assemble.


"A recent buyer of Andys Tracks UK Agents Emails Addresses List commented - "Thanks for sending this so quickly Andy and the list looks great""

Mr Stuart Peplow  


The list costs just £4.99 to download -
a must have for
any act working in the UK

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