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Recording Studio Wales - Andys Tracks

Recording Studio Wales
Singers - Record a CD with Andys Tracks
Fantastic pro recording studio facility in Wales
Great finished recording
Pro Engineer & Producer with easy
going personality +
Superb Finished Mix.

Includes Personable Relaxed Engineer
& Top Producer
Quality Mac Pro Tools
Fully sound proofed recording facility
Large vocal booth area for you to work in
+ two CD copies of your finished mix/mixes
Great facility for vocals to backing tracks or
musicians/bands - or how about creating an intro
or outro for your live show with a voice over -
great to give your show that professional touch
Oh and a lovely couch for you
to chill out on while listening back to your hard
recording studio Wales
Tel 01443 40444 or
here's an example of the quality of a finished
recording at our recording studio -

Here's an example of a song produced for a
group called Pure Gossip (related to Hot Gossip
from the 1970s) by our Producer 
recording studio Wales