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custom backing tracks 
Andys Tracks can now offer it's customers a full custom backing tracks service.
For artistes - songwriters every where we can supply you with creative programmers, musicians - including real guitars etc - to get the best out of your ideas or just create the latest chart track or something special for you.
Something you can't get elsewhere - of course a service of this quality will not be cheap - starting prices for this service is around £60 for something simple ie. just a guitar or simple piano track - but mainly average around £100 - anything much more complicated and elongated will work out that much more at £150 - songwriters can get their backing track music made from around £150 and upwards - but you will get the best service from us here - a full consultation on your requirements - great customer service - and a superb finished product when completed.
custom backing tracks
We can also create new medleys for you fairly inexpensively by putting a number of our catalogue backing tracks together using computer editing software - please get in touch with us with your requirements and ask about this service.
We can undertake backing tracks on Mini Disc to CD, MP3 transfers, and EQ, Normalize, and master your backing tracks to make them sound the best they can be. Just tell us how many tracks you need work done on and we'll let you know the complete session price.
If you'd like to enquire about a quote for these custom services please tel:- 01443 404446 or send us an e-mail with your requirements on:-
custom backing tracks