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Quotes Thanks Andy I love your tracks, they sound so real, and quite lush, as a seasoned musician I can tell the difference between backing tracks, most sound real hoaky. Quotes
Paul Bullard

Quotes Hi Andy Pardon my late reply. Thank you for a brilliant track. There's nothing more gratifying than rehearsing and finally getting the track with the exact arrangement! Super chuffed! Ms Nawaal Howa Cape Town South Africa Quotes
Nawaal Howa

Quotes Hey very happy to find Loretta Lynn's version of Let Your Love Flow in A, I'll drop it one semitone and I'll be very happy, always hard to find stuff in my key.. and its a nice version, have a nice day, Dennis Quotes

Quotes Where else could i find an obscure backing track that was exactly what I wanted, exactly HOW I wanted? Here it was...thanks, Andy, I'm already back for my next track! Quotes
backed to perfection

Quotes Lovely track made up with it, just like all the other tracks i bought from Andy. Quotes

Quotes Finally, backing tracks that are the real deal. Thank you so much, Andy. Quotes
Bob Moore
Happy Jammer

Quotes Backing tracks great,you cannot beat the originals,as Tina would say SIMPLY THE BEST Thanks again Quotes
W Parkin

Quotes Gread tracks of David Alexander, will be using them in my tribute show, thanks. Quotes
Dave Alex

Quotes Hi Andy, Just purchased my first track off you today and spent a couple of hours learning the notes by ear. Elkie Brooks "Don't Cry Out Loud". I went for a raw recording of it as a work in progress. Here's the link Thanks Quotes
Marty BoneIdol
Trombone Instrumental

Quotes Andy - thank you so much - you have made a 93 year old lifetime Mario fan very happy - great rendition easy to use - I'll be back!! Quotes
Delighted Daughter