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Posted by Andrew Martin on May 13, 2014 at 5:10 PM

Various machines to play your backing tracks on -

Originaly would you believe tape players with tapes were used to replay backing tracks on for gigs - nightmare for having to rewind them ready for your next gig - in the earliest of the days of tracks 8 track players were also utilised.

Singers then progressed to minidisc and CD - CD players had a slight draw back though - the slightest heavy bump or thud will make the disc jump - unlike the minidisc which would mostly stand firm - plus on minidisc it was/is a lot easier to name tracks and edit them the way you want them.

Midifiles were also a move forward - especially for guitar type outfits that just wanted to add that live sounding keyboard to their set ups - not always liked by everyone due to their slightly electronic sounding finished mix - but the quality of the file really revolved around how good the programer could be in getting the most out of the machines available. But they did/do have an advantage - key changes are sooooooooo easy.

Now a lot of artists use laptops and mp3s - great for organising your sets on stage - and perfect for added lyric sheets - just in case your mind goes blank

Artists are also using tablets and even mobile phones - mp3 players - hard drive disk play back machines - some of which are 19 inch rackable.

Andys Tracks supplies backing tracks for the latest backing track machines as mp3 downloads via e-mail, on CDs in the post and also on USB sticks

So backing track machines have come a long way - one wonders what we'll be playing them on next!

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