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Andys Tracks was established in 1992 and manufactures and supplies premium quality backing tracks for singers and musicians. The company has gone through a couple of name changes over the years, starting out as Metronomix, and also known as Tracks4you.

Andys Tracks company headquarters are based a quarter of a mile from where the extremely famous Sir Tom Jones was born and brought up in Pontypridd, South Wales

Andys Tracks can provide the professional singer or group with premium quality professional backing music that they can be proud to perform with on any stage in the world.

Premier Backing Tracks for singers and musicians to make

Your Performance Memorable



  Andys Tracks are used by some of the top artistes in the music business. They have supplied backing music to artistes such as:-


Charlotte Church

(Tracks used to start her singing career)

The backing music that comedian Jethro uses today in his

live stage show

Katherine Davies (signed for three years to Atlantic

Records for 1 million dollars)

Danielle Nichols (CITV presenter)

Graham Williams (guitarist from the band "Racing Cars") 

Paul Child (most of the backing music on his over 100,000

selling "Wales Forever" album) price of coal.mp3


We now have a

David Alexander backing track albums

offer for 3 volumes (10 tracks each) of

David Alexander backing tracks

from only £9.99 each volume


Fausto Franco, the harpist with the South American group

Los Paraguayos, and his multi-selling solo albums

Pure Gossip, the pop group related to Hot Gossip,

producer on their initial single




Stars in their eyes acts, 

Our backing music has produced winning acts on Britain's

Got Talent, the X Factor, Pop Idol, Star for a night, Just up

your street & Junior Stars in their eyes. 

Liza Starlight - Liza Baker and many other singers and

groups both in Wales, the UK, and abroad regularly

perform using our quality back tracks.

Our backing music is also used by many of the Holiday

companies and Cruise lines worldwide, recording studios

and TV. and Radio stations.

We are also proud to say that one of our clients is a

member of the Band "Angelis", signed to Simon Cowell's

record label.

Here's Liza Starlight - Liza Baker using one of our quality

backing tracks in her video/recording of

"Show Me Heaven"



We now have an Andys Backing Tracks members forum area for you to discuss all aspects of the music buiz on + you may advertise your act on there too!


 An initial selection of our catalogue has been uploaded to this website so far, further parts of the catalogue will be available to see shortly!

We add new back tracks to the catalogue all the time so if the track that you are looking for is not here right now - bookmark our website and try paying us another visit to see if we have added the back track you are searching for!

As we are currently slowly adding demos to the website and not all back tracks have demos yet - if there is a particular back track you would like to hear a demo of, please let us know via e-mail and we will be happy to supply you with a demo clip via a return e-mail

[email protected]

Music back tracks are available as audio MP3 files via e-mail, on usb memory sticks, CD in the post or for pick up from the office, and also, some backing music is available on midifile. (on CD in post, pick up or via e-mail). Some of our backing music is now also available for Immediate Automatic Download!

The prices of our back tracks can be found on the Backing Track Prices page of this website

If you'd like to leave a review/testimonial of our business and customer service, backing tracks quality, then please do so on the Backing tracks testimonial page of this website

Tel:- 01443 404446

e-mail:- [email protected]

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