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Live Sound PA Advice - Tutorials

 Live Sound PA Advice - Tutorials


Singers & Musicians


Are you struggling to get the best

sound out of your PA System?


Having feedback issues?


Not sure what to do with that

pesky EQ?


Which is the best reverb/delay

to suit my voice?


live sound pa advice


Well Andy can help you he's an

Expert Sound Engineer, and has a

degree in music - ABSM GBSM -

and many years experience in the

business, producing and mixing

vocals/music live and in the studio.

He has also just worked with the

famous Paul Potts

mixing sound for his concert recently in

Cardiff's City Hall

Once artistes have taken our pa

tutorial, many have found that live

singing becomes EASIER and of a

Much Better Quality - because they

had been Fighting with their PA

System - not working with it - and

the overall sound including music is


(he does Liza Starlight's sound -

Liza Starlight and

Liza has got NO COMPLAINTS)


Here is Liza singing "I Will Always

Love You" which was produced and

mixed by Andy @ Andys Tracks

He can assist in tweaking your pa so

that you can get the best out of it

and will tell you

all the secrets to getting that killer

live sound - even to the point of

jotting it all down for you as he

explains how to improve your pa set




As a bonus to your Live Sound PA

tutorial Andy will also listen to a

selection of the 

backing tracks you are using and

give you advice on any that can be

improved - either in the quality of

the arrangement or the recording



Here is a testimonial from a satisfied pa tutorial customer - Kryss Cooper -

"OK, performance tonight was at Roath Cons, Cardiff - great night and sound was awesome thanks to Andrew Martin - if in doubt about your gear get Andrew to sort it out, it is well worth the money Thanx again Andy"

- thanks Kryss - appreciate the comments


Two further satisfied customers 

David Longden

David Williams


Andy has a degree in music - ABSM GBSM -

he has gained a lot of experience over the years

in the industry in a number of different parts of

the business including live sound,

recording studio


- his background information can be found here







We are now also expanding the pa system

tutorial service into group sessions. The price

for these group sessions will be lower than the

above one to one sessions. We will be

advertising/organising these

sessions via our facebook page set ups but if

you'd like to find out about one of our pa system

tutorial group sessions then please do so on the

contact information below


Tel:- 01443 404446 or

e-mail:- [email protected]

 for more

info availability and prices


live sound pa advice


live sound pa advice