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Helen Shapiro Tribute Act

Helen Shapiro Tribute Act



Helen Shapiro Tribute

Liza has performed her tribute show to Helen Shapiro all over the UK and abroad. She took part in THE VOICE series 1 BBC TV - Simon Cowell is famously quoted as saying about her "A Mini with a Ferrari Engine" (small but with a HUGE VOICE) - and appeared on BBC TV The Weakest Link in a special Xmas tribute edition of the show 


Liza Starlight`s tribute show to Helen Shapiro is a spectacle of her music, lighting and atmosphere. Not only does Liza sound like Helen Shapiro but she also looks like her too. Liza includes all Helen Shapiro`s hits and more with her amazing vocal ability.


Her attention to detail regarding costumes and imitating Helen Shapiro`s performance is uncanny. Liza includes songs in her Helen Shapiro Tribute show such as `Walking Back To Happiness` & `Please Don't Treat Me Like A Child`.


Liza Starlight is currently touring theatres throughout

the UK with her Helen Shapiro Tribute show

alongside Rob Dee as Billy Fury, Vicki Lambert as

Dusty Springfield and Steve Conway as Bobby V. The

show is called Dansette Days - look out for it at a

theatre near you.

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"Walking Back To Happiness"




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